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Physiotherapy machine

Physiotherapy Machine— A Passway to Healthy Wellbeing

As part of its regular collection of homecare and rehabilitation products, ELITEMED, a socially accountable company, has added added multiple physiotherapy machine. The physiotherapy machine produced by ELITEMED is used to administer pain relief and for health restoration. Since they use electrical waves for treatment, it is also known as an electrotherapy machine. 

The world-leading company ELITEMED has been producing various types of physiotherapy machines for years. One of these is the IFT physiotherapy machine. This physiotherapy machine mimics human functions by utilizing computer technology. An electric stimulus prevents pain and reduces inflammation and swelling that are responsible for the pain.

ELITEMED’s IFT physiotherapy machines offer a wide variety of models, which makes them stand out from the competition. Furthermore, it has a 15-inch screen that supports full-touch operation. The IFT physiotherapy machine from ELITEMED comes with an automatic balance mode, dual temperature protection control system, and automatic protection mode to regulate current overload.

 The IFT physiotherapy machine is a noninvasive physiotherapy machine that promotes healing and pain relief without requiring the use of drugs. As it helps relieve pain and inflammation, it is appropriate for treating cervical spondylosis, frozen shoulder, lumbar muscle strain, and rheumatoid arthritis.

The outstanding company did not leave out the production of an Electrotherapy and magnetic healing machine which is also a type of physiotherapy machine. With over 20 years of clinical experience and acknowledgment from thousands of users, the Electrotherapy and magnetic healing machine is a new generation of physiotherapy machine. With an intermediate frequency carrier frequency of 2000±5%Hz, ≤a.c.50V output voltage, a pulse width of 250us±5%, and a modulation frequency of 1——440Hz, advanced intermediate frequency technology goes into the design of the device. 

Providing great customer service and a healthy lifestyle are our top priorities. We aim to achieve this by providing people with medically advanced rehabilitation assistance and products such as the physiotherapy machine mentioned above, making our clients’ life healthier and more mobile.

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