Electrothermal Magnetic Comprehensive Therapy Device

The electrothermal and magnetic comprehensive therapy equipment is designed by using modern electronic technology such as microcomputers and digital signal synthesis. It has the functions of drug ion penetration, electrotherapy, hyperthermia, and magnetotherapy; the original electric field generated by asymmetrical intermediate frequency current is used to orient drug ions The driving force, combined with the effects of bionic massage and thermal-magnetic therapy, can more effectively accelerate the penetration of drugs, make it penetrate into the skin tissue to reach the treatment site, play a role in relieving and eliminating the disease, promote the expansion of small arteries and capillaries, and improve Local blood circulation can eliminate aseptic inflammation and edema, which can effectively regulate human physiological functions, improve microcirculation, and enhance immunity.

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Electrotherapy and magnetic healing machine comprehensive treatment instrument

The electrothermal magnetic comprehensive therapy device


Product overview:

The RT200 Electrothermal Magnetic Comprehensive Therapy Apparatus is a new generation of medical equipment developed on the basis of Bioelectrical Drug Conduction Theory, Bionics, Hot Compress Medicine, Traditional Chinese Medicine, and Modern Microcomputer Technology, and then combined with many years of clinical practice and feedback from a large number of users. The apparatus is designed with advanced intermediate frequency technology. It successfully combines the multiple functions of intermediate frequency drug import an intermediate frequency bionic massage and thermal therapy. The adjusted intermediate frequency current can promote the reduction of skin resistance, expand small arteries and capillaries, and improve local blood circulation. It can reach the deep part of human tissue better than the low-frequency current, and the skin feels comfortable. Its analgesic and anti-inflammatory effects are significantly better than single intermediate frequency electrotherapy and low-frequency electrotherapy. The apparatus generates a directional driving force on the drug ions through the electric field generated by the asymmetric intermediate frequency current so that the effective ingredients in the drug can penetrate deeper and more effectively. It also enters the human body through the skin and mucous membranes and acts on the affected lesions. It has the functions of anti-inflammatory, detumescence, analgesic, dredging of meridians, loosening adhesions, regulating and improving local circulation, and can relieve and eliminate the pressure or irritation caused by bone hyperplasia symptoms such as numbness and tingling of the sympathetic nerves and nerve roots.


Technical Parameters of Electrotherapy

♦ Intermediate frequency carrier frequency: 2000±5%Hz.

♦ Modulation frequency: 1——440Hz.

♦ Output voltage: ≤a.c.50V

♦ Pulse width: 250us±5%

♦ Direct component: In the non-import mode, the DC component of the therapy apparatus is less than 1V at the maximum output; in the import mode, the DC component is less than 20V when the therapy device is at the maximum output.

♦ Waveform: The massage mode is the asymmetrical waveform, and the import mode is an asymmetrical waveform.



Product features:

1. Variety of models to choose from desktop/trolley type

2. 4 + 3 functions (electrotherapy + magnetic therapy + thermotherapy + import) and bionic massage + intelligent error prevention + automatic increment function

3. Magnetic therapy intensity: 200-300MT, energy output intensity 0-248 level (can be automatically adjusted)

4. Built-in permanent magnet magnetic source, asymmetrical waveform introduction, drug penetration, and absorption are accelerated, and the effect on the lesion is obvious.

5. 4 methods: kneading, pressing, thrashing, combination; 2 methods: integration therapy, splint therapy

6. Multiple applications: It can effectively accelerate drug penetration and has analgesic and anti-inflammatory effects on periarthritis, cervical spondylosis, lumbar disc herniation, and knee osteoarthritis. It can effectively reconcile qi and blood and has obvious pain relief, anti-inflammatory, and blood circulation. Can be used in rehabilitation, massage, acupuncture, pain, Chinese medicine, neurology, psychiatry, etc.


Product parameter

Model No. Display Screen Size Channel Characteristics Structure
RT200 Touch 8 inches Two-way Desktop
RT210 Touch 8 inches Two-way Trolly
RT220 Touch 9.7 inches Four-way Trolly



Intended use


It can be used to accelerate the penetration of drugs and has analgesic and anti-inflammatory effects on Frozen Shoulder, Cervical Spondylosis, Lumbar Disc Herniation, Knee Osteoarthritis.


Departments of Hospital or Clinic for Application

Department of Rehabilitation, Physiotherapy, Acupuncture, Tuina, Traditional Chinese Medicine, Geriatrics, Pain, General Surgery, and Orthopedics.

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Physiotherapy/Hot pack medicine / thermotherapy / magnetic therapy/Pain treatment / drug iontophoresis / bionic massage / thermomagnetic therapy



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