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Shockwave Therapy Machine

Rhock wave physiotherapy machines by elitemed

ELITEMED is well-known in the shockwave therapy machine industry. Since the establishment of the company, it has been providing high-quality therapy machines all around the globe. At present, we have different types of home health care equipments including Therapeutic Ultrasound, Graphene Far Infrared Heating Support, Sleep aid handheld devices, and shockwave therapy machine for home use.

The purpose of a shock wave physiotherapy machine is to treat musculoskeletal diseases effectively and non-invasively. Shockwave therapy machines adopt a proprietary set of acoustic pressure waves that are guided through the wounded or pained area. It speeds up the body’s natural healing process and eases pain by stimulating metabolism, improving the body’s blood circulation.

Why do you need shockwave therapy machine?

Numerous conditions can be treated with shockwave therapy. These medical conditions include Plantar Fasciitis, Achillodynia, inflammation and calcification of the tendons in the shoulder joint, Knee and groin pain, Inflammation of the hip and/or iliotibial tract, and many others.

shockwave therapy machine

Our Shock Wave Physiotherapy Machines

  • Flexible for home use: Standard equipped with double handles and 3 kinds of therapeutic heads(9-25mm) for options, it ensures enhanced usability. Designed to be lightweight and portable, it facilitates ease of transport and use in various settings. Making them the perfect shockwave therapy machine for home use.
  • Easy to operate and powerful: Its operational simplicity is underscored by a plug-and-play design, necessitating minimal setup or programming. With a 12-inch touchscreen interface, control becomes intuitive and straightforward in this shockwave therapy machine. We can also upload the tested data into cloud storage for better traceability management.
  • Multiple treatment mode options: The advantage of our shock wave physiotherapy machines is this device offers users the flexibility of selecting from 23 distinct treatment modes. The inclusion of multi-preset treatment protocols enhances user convenience, accommodating a wide array of needs. With an energy range of 60-185 MJ and a frequency spanning from 1 to 22 Hz, it offers a comprehensive spectrum of therapeutic applications.
  • Quality assurance and international certification: All of our shock wave physiotherapy machines are made according to international standards. They provide accurate information and results as expected. They are certified by many renowned organizations around the world.
shock wave physiotherapy machine


We strictly control the quality of our shockwave therapy machines. All of the products have to go through strict quality control and all of the products have to pass the standards before sending them to the customers.

To learn more about our shockwave therapy machine for home use or to order our shock wave physiotherapy machines, please contact us at 400-875-9808 or Email us at

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