RT300 Series Intermediate Frequency Comprehensive Therapy Instrument

The RT300 IF Comprehensive Treatment Instrument has two kinds of treatment methods: IF Electrotherapy and Hyperthermia, and multifunction such as Digital Bionic Massage, Intelligent Error Prevention, Automatic Incremental Output. Applying computer technology to imitate and adapt to human functions, along with unique intelligent safety protection measures, it provides the functions of anti-Inflammatory, swelling, analgesia, meridian collaterals, loosening adhesions, stimulating motor nerves, exercising muscles, regulating and improving local microcirculation, improving immune system function, alleviating and even eliminating symptom and tingling of sympathetic nerves and nerve roots caused by bone hyperplasia or stimulation.

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RT300 Series Intermediate Frequency

Intermediate Frequency electric therapy machine


Product Description

Intermediate Frequency Therapy Apparatus is designed with modern electronic technology such as microcomputers and digital signal synthesis. It has the functions of electrotherapy, hyperthermia, and magnetic therapy. It is used in rehabilitation institutions at all levels and in family therapy.

Digital bionic massage: electrotherapy stimulation massage techniques: kneading, pressing, beating, and combination, so that the patient can get closer to the natural condition of the human body, improve the curative effect, and make it more comfortable.

Intelligent error prevention: if there is an error operation, the apparatus can automatically avoid or interrupt the output with the voice broadcast function.

Automatic incremental output: in order to enable the patient to overcome the human body’s adaptation to the current better, avoid manual repeated adjustments during the treatment process, and improve the efficiency of the staff.

Model No. Display Screen Size Channel Qty Structure
RT300 LCD 8 inch Dual channels Desktop
RT310 LCD 8 inch Dual channels Trolley
RT320 LCD 7inch Four channels Trolley


Product Characteristics

  1. Three functions: Electrotherapy, hyperthermia, magnetic therapy
  2. Three features: Digital bionic massage, intelligent error prevention, automatic incremental output
  3. Four hand technique: Kneading, pressing, thrashing, combination

Two therapeutics: Integrated therapy, split therapy

  1. Portable model with patented appearance and easy operation
  2. “2 + 2” channel design, flexible use



Intended use


It’s applicable to treat Cervical Spondylosis, Frozen Shoulder, Lumbar Muscle Strain, Rheumatoid Arthritis, playing the role in relieving pains, improving local blood circulation, and diminishing inflammation.


Departments of Hospital or Clinic for Application

Department of Rehabilitation, Traditional Chinese Medicine, Tuina, Neurology, Acupuncture, Pain


key word: 

Intermediate Frequency physiotherapy machine / Massage dredge Meridian / Electrotherapy instrument / Shoulder inflammation treatment / Lumbar disc herniation treatment / Cervical spine treatment / Numb hand / foot numbness / Meridian dredge / Pain treatment / Bone hyperplasia treatment / Rheumatoid arthritis

Packing List:

Item No.: Accessory Specification Unit Quantity
1 Host RT300 set 1
2 Software Embedded set 1
3 Electrotherapy Line Two core piece 2
4 Physiotherapy Electrodes 60*90mm piece 8
5 Hyperthermia Pad piece 2
6 Power Cable EL-453A+703A piece 1
7 Fuse 1A 250V piece 1
8 Company Qualification set 1
9 Operation Manual set 1
10 Certificate of Approval pcs 1
11 Warranty Card piece 1
12 Product acceptance form piece 1
13 Packing List piece 1
14 Installation Training Acceptance Survey Form piece 1


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