Why it easy go to sleep when rainy day?

Have you found a strange phenomenon: every time it rains, it is very easy to get sleepy, and the sleep quality is especially good. Why is this?


Because there is a reddish-brown, a rice-grain-sized gland in the human brain called the pineal gland, which is the body’s photosensitive tissue. It secretes a hormone called melatonin at night or when the light is dim.


Why it easy go to sleep when rainy day


Melatonin can indicate drowsiness in the body, which can improve sleep quality and adjust work and rest.


The production of melatonin is closely related to light, so on a dark rainy day, the pineal gland in the brain starts to work harder, secreting more melatonin, making people drowsy.


Why it easy go to sleep when rainy day


In addition to the changes in light, the air on rainy days has hidden mysteries


Humid air means more water vapor and less average density, resulting in lower air pressure and correspondingly lower oxygen content in the air. Oxygen deficiency can lead to a sense of slackness in the human brain, reduced sympathetic nerve excitability, and drowsiness. Especially before it rains, many people will experience chest tightness symptoms.


Why it easy go to sleep when rainy day

Wanting to sleep after rain is also related to the increase in the negative ion content in the air. Rain and air friction will produce negative ions, and thunder and lightning will also produce a large number of negative ions (NAI).


Why it easy go to sleep when rainy day


In addition to the influence of air and light, when it rains, the sound we receive can also make people want to sleep


The sound of rain falling is very rhythmic. Studies have found that when the sound of rain enters the brain, the brain will relax unconsciously. Many people who have difficulty falling asleep will play white noise to help them sleep.


The rustling sound of rain is generally between 0-20 kHz. This sound is very harmonious and is equivalent to natural white noise.


The distribution of white noise in the power spectrum is very uniform, and people are very sensitive to this “noise”, so white noise has the function of shielding other sounds. After people’s attention is attracted by white noise, other sounds will be automatically weakened.


there are many types of white noise in nature. These sounds seem to follow some ancient rhythm, which can calm people’s anxiety and bring people’s spirits to a place of peace and tranquility.


Why it easy go to sleep when rainy day

If you want to sleep well, you might as well wait for a rainy day. Of course, it is not only rainy days that can make you sleep better but also our CES Sleep Aid Devices.


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Why it easy go to sleep when rainy day


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