What is a knee ligament strain? IFT physiotherapy device

Knee ligaments are strands of connective tissue that interconnect the bones associated with them and are closely aligned with elastic fibers. In a sense, it is a relatively fragile part. If the knee is not well protected, it is easy to breed a series of diseases. After the ligament is pulled, there will be local swelling, pain, tenderness, and subcutaneous bleeding, which can be seen as bruising.


knee ligament strain,IFT physiotherapy device


People at risk of knee ligament strain

  • people who love sports

For people who love sports, such as football, basketball, dance, and other sports, due to the long-term stress on the joints, the ligaments are stretched and lead to ligament damage.

  • heavy manual labor

People who do heavy physical work are prone to ligament damage due to excessive joint load.

  • injured person

Joints can also be stretched and damaged due to violence, falls or falls


knee ligament strain,IFT physiotherapy device


Symptoms of a torn knee ligament

*Local joint pain

The degree of pain depends on the degree of damage to the structures around the ligament and the pain area of the patient. In mild cases, the pain is mild and tolerable, and in severe cases, activities cannot be continued.

*Swollen joints bleeding

After the injury, small blood vessels rupture and bleed, and cause joint swelling. Some patients can see subcutaneous congestion and bruise on the skin.

*Movement disorder

After ligament injury, the joint is in a forced position, which causes the patient’s range of motion to lose its limit, and the joint cannot move normally.

*Smell and tear

Sometimes the injured person can hear the sound of ligament tearing.


knee ligament strain,IFT physiotherapy device


ELITEMED RT700 IFT physiotherapy device


Two or three sets of intermediate frequency currents of different frequencies are cross-input to the human body and a low-frequency current is generated after interference occurs in the body. This current is called interference current. The method of applying interference current to treat diseases is called interference electric therapy, which originated in the 1950s.


knee ligament strain,IFT physiotherapy device


RT700 IFT physiotherapy device does work for diseases below:

knee osteoarthritis • cervical spondylopathy • protrusion of lumbar intervertebral disc • Adjuvant treatment of lumbar muscle strain • Limitation of upper and lower limbs • Analgesic and anti-inflammatory • Bone and joint diseases, sequelae of stroke • Circulatory disorders, fractures • Enhance visceral smooth muscle

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