The High-quality equipment for hamstring recovery

The hamstrings play a very important role in human walking, running and jumping. Acute injuries to the hamstrings, commonly known as hamstring strains, are common sports injuries.

The function of the hamstrings


The main function of the hamstrings is to straighten the hip and flex the knee. In actual human movement, the hamstrings undertake very complex functions. The hamstrings play a very important role in sports that involve knee flexion such as running, jumping, and climbing.


The hamstrings are the muscles that are easily injured during exercise, and the flexor strength of the human body is generally greater than the extensor strength. In sprinting, the anatomical characteristics and physiological characteristics of the hamstrings determine its vulnerability; in the lower limbs and pelvis, the muscle distribution follows the following rules: the posterior side of the ankle joint is stronger than the anterior side, the anterior side of the knee joint is stronger than the posterior side, The back of the hip is stronger than the front.

Typical symptoms of a hamstring injury

  1. In most cases, there is a sudden and severe pain in the back of the leg during fast running;
  2. Hamstring spasms, which usually occur when pain occurs during muscle extension and contraction activities;
  3. Local swelling and bruising;
  4. If a more severe tear occurs, a local depression can be felt on the muscle belly.

ELITEMED RT700 Series Interference Electrotherapy Apparatus for hamstring recovery

Interference electricity is a low-frequency current modulated by three-way intermediate frequency currents, which not only avoids the inability of low-frequency electricity to act on deep tissues and the shortcomings of intermediate-frequency electricity that is not good enough for analgesia and neuromuscular excitation, but also takes into account the good anti-inflammatory and improved microcirculation of intermediate-frequency electricity. and low-frequency electrical analgesia to excite neuromuscular advantages. RT700 Interference Electrotherapy Apparatus adopts a unique dynamic interference method, with two interference modes of three-dimensional and two-dimensional plane. It has a very significant effect in reducing inflammation and pain, improving blood circulation, and promoting the regression of inflammation and edema. It is a very good choice for pain relief and anti-inflammatory in the acute phase of hamstring injury.


At the same time, the product has obvious curative effect in promoting fracture healing, as well as preventing and delaying muscle atrophy.

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