Build a bright dream , fighting for it together!

Build a bright dream , fighting for it together!

2022 New Year Annual Meeting and 2021 Outstanding Commendation Conference 

This annual meeting is divided into five parts: annual summary, appointment ceremony, award ceremony, talent show, and dinner. Let’s review the wonderful moments of this annual meeting!

2021 Annual Summary

Mr. Ma Yong, Chairman of ELITEMED, delivered a speech to express his thanks and New Year greetings to all employees. Looking back on the company’s breakthroughs and achievements in various fields in 2021, it points out the strategic direction of the company’s development in the future.

2022 Appointment Ceremony

Award Ceremony

Talent Show

New Year Annual Meeting

Enjoy dinner

New Year Annual Meeting

Happy times are always short, glory belongs to the past, dreams still need to be paid, and we will embark on a new journey.
The 2022 Spring Festival Annual Meeting and the 2021 Outstanding Commendation Ceremony ended successfully

New Year Annual Meeting


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