Transcranial Direct Current Stimulation TDCS for ADHD therapy

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Transcranial Direct Current Stimulation TDCS for ADHD therapy


Model Structural form Total number of channels Operation mode
E-TDCS01 Handheld Single group of 2 channels Button
E-TDCS02 Desktop Dual groups of channels (with 2 channels or high precision 5 channels multiple stimulation modes) Touch screen
E-TDCS03 Trolley Eight groups of channels (with 2-channel or high-precision 5-channel multiple stimulation modes) Management system

19 inch monitor

Application :

This product is suitable for the treatment of motor dysfunction, language cognitive impairment, and swallowing disorders caused by brain injury.

Rehabilitation of neurological and psychiatric diseases: movement disorders, balance disorders, cognitive disorders, speech and language disorders, visual perception disorders, disorders of consciousness, dystonia, etc. caused by brain injury, spinal cord injury, epilepsy, insomnia, depression, anxiety disorders , schizophrenia, stroke, aphasia, etc. Rehabilitation of children: children with cerebral palsy, autism, ADHD, etc. Pain rehabilitation: central pain, spinal pain, etc. Addiction treatment: quitting drugs, quitting smoking, quitting alcohol


Stimulus output mode :

1) 2-channel output (anode/cathode): a two-channel stimulation method of one yin and one yang is adopted, and the output of the stimulation type is set by the control software, which acts on the cerebral cortex with weakly polarized direct current.     2) 5-channel output (high-precision output: one yang and four yin or one yin and four yang): It integrates the low-intensity, safety and breakthrough high-precision target control technology of traditional tDCS, which greatly improves the focus of tDCS High-precision tDCS produces neuroplastic changes beyond other neuromodulation techniques, improving precision, stimulation effect, and duration of after-effects.    Electrode size specification     1) The length x width x thickness dimensions of the 2-channel electrode are: 60x45x1.4mm     2) The outer diameter x inner diameter x thickness of the 5-channel electrode is: 10x2x2.2mm


Transcranial Direct Current Stimulation tDCS

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