Tens Unit Massager Electric EMS Neck body Massager hot for relieving pain Tens machine

Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation, or TENS for short, was developed in the 1970s according to the pain gate control theory. It is a non-invasive treatment method that injects specific low-frequency pulse currents into the human body through the skin to treat pain. After more than 20 years of development, TENS is very popular in European and American countries, and its clinical application has gone beyond the scope of pain, but it still focuses on the treatment of pain. Become the most basic way to solve pain without taking medicine and without injections.

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Physical therapy Tens Unit Massager Electric EMS Neck body Massager hot for relieve pain Tens machine

How it works:

The transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulator is powered by a current of appropriate intensity and frequency.Continuous, gentle stimulation of nerve and muscle cells, stimulate the body to produce morphine,Block pain information and relieve pain. In recent years, the application of percutaneous nerve stimulation therapy is no longer limited to the function of pain relief, but a small amount of current similar to the human body can also stimulate tissue regeneration.

Treatment of various acute and chronic pain Analgesic effect  :

– cervical pain    – Ligament injury    – Chronic pain    – Acute sprain    – Limb stump pain    – Postoperative incision pain    – Dysmenorrhea, joint pain

Electroacupuncture electric massage stimulate tissue regeneration effect on acupuncture points Promote the activity of enzymes



Indications: It is suitable for the treatment of acute and chronic pain relief; it can also be used for the common pain treatment of electro-acupuncture and electro-massage.

Scope of application: Pain, Orthopedics, Rehabilitation, Neurology, Dermatology, Stomatology, ENT, Gynecology, Others

Transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulator (abbreviation: TENS) provides a reference oscillation signal by a microcomputer control chip, which is amplified by a power amplifier to drive the output of the output transformer. Through the output electrode line, through the skin electrode, the bidirectional asymmetric low-frequency pulse current is applied to the human body for auxiliary treatment.

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