Graphene Infrared neck heating pad

* Relieve neck pain
* Eliminate fatigue
* Relieve soreness
* Reduce stiffness at the neck
* Reduce discomfort due to stiff neck
* Hot compress for health

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  1. Graphene far-infrared heating neck support
  2. Infrared Neck heating pad


Product Description


1. Infrared neck heating pad can reduce neck pain, eliminate fatigue, Release fatigue; Improve microcirculation and boost metabolism, accelerate, improve blood circulation.
Reduce stiffness at the neck, diminish inflammation; Auxiliary physiotherapy, hot compress for health; Provide support and protect to your neck.
2. infrared neck heating pad Using high-tech&new material graphene as a heating element, lightweight and convenient, can keep a stable performance and long service life.
3. Portable, not only can be used in limited places but wherever we go (during work and spare time).
4. Heating up fast, third gear smart thermostat; Low voltage required, high safety factor.


Model No. GE-FIH-5
Color Grey, Pink
Power 5W
Temperature Control Type 3 gears magnetic cable for temperature control
Operation Voltage 5V,1A
Power Connection USB interface + Four core magnetic



* Relieve neck pain
* Eliminate fatigue
* Relieve soreness
* Reduce stiffness at the neck
* Reduce discomfort due to stiff neck
* Hot compress for health


Based on the core technology of the graphene heating film, the infrared neck heating pad heats up to generate far-infrared radiation to produce more intense physio therapeutical effects. For people who snooze in the office, or for drivers, people with cervical discomfort, stiff neck or neck pain.



What is graphene?

– Graphene is an allotrope (form) of carbon consisting of a single layer of carbon atoms arranged in a hexagonal lattice. It is known as the lightest, thin, hard, and strong material so far on earth. Graphene has been considered the “future material” and the “most revolutionary material” in the early 21st century. Why should I choose a Graphene heating pad? Science Reasons: ·Graphene heating element emits far-infrared whose wavelength is very close to that of far-infrared emitted by the human body which means can be absorbed by the human body effectively. A graphene heating pad can improve blood circulation, relief your body pain.


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